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About MedicalAssessment™:

MedicalAssessment™ is a computer-based medical history questionnaire designed by medical experts for adults 18 years and older. Whether you have yet to discuss your health with anyone or even if you have seen a multitude of physicians and technicians but still have not discovered the answer to your health problem, the MedicalAssessment™ System offers significant advantages as a step toward the determination of your health problems.

Making accurate diagnosis of your problems is dependent on having a clear understanding of your medical history and current symptoms. Eliciting this accurate medical history is helpful in determining the cause of the health problem in up to 99% of cases. Therefore, carefully eliciting a comprehensive medical history can be invaluable to this end.

Of course this takes time, time you are rarely given when you have an appointment with your busy and often preoccupied health care professional. With this in mind, the team of professionals at MedicalAssessment™have developed a comprehensive, computer-based, medical history questionnaire for adults age 18 years and older, that will maximize the gathering and processing of your personal health information.

The MedicalAssessment™ system is designed to significantly increase diagnostic accuracy and thereby helps your health care professional find the real source of your health problem. Having an accurate diagnosis will prevent treatment delay and avoid the use of potentially inappropriate and unnecessary therapies and medications that can result from an inaccurate diagnosis.

MedicalAssessment™ is not a quick web test where you type in a few obvious symptoms and get back a generic list of possible causes. On the contrary, MedicalAssessment™ uses a very thorough medical history gathering and processing tool that does far more than simply connect a few conspicuous symptoms to a few common conditions. If you really want to produce an accurate medical history, then you will take the time to complete the MedicalAssessment™ questionnaire. MedicalAssessment™ offers significant advantages as a first step toward the determination of your health problems:

MedicalAssessment™gathers your personal health history to generate a Health Report that includes:

  • 1) A list of the most likely causes of your problems in order of probability.
  • 2) A list of risk factors for the conditions that may affect your life in the future.
  • 3) A list of the medications you are taking that may be producing or augmenting your current problems.
  • 4) A Stress Score that reflects your current stressors and the risk this stress carries in regard to your personal heath.
  • 5) An estimate of your body mass index (BMI).
  • 6) An estimate of your basic metabolic rate with your recommended daily caloric intake.
  • 7) Recommendations on what to do next to address each of the possible health problems discovered from your MedicalAssessment™ questionnaire.



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